Alexandra "Austin" Muirhead (outofthedark) wrote in efficient_home,
Alexandra "Austin" Muirhead

Vote for Energy Conservation, win an iPod!

I have entered 2 videos in the invent the future contest. Here:

If some of you would spare a couple of minutes to register and vote, that would be so SO awesome of you guys.

I wrote out step by step instructions.

1. Go to
2. Register to Vote
3. Go to and vote for this video, it's called "Grow Your Own Food!"
4. Go to and vote for this video, it's called "Water Deferral System"
5. Come back here and tell me you voted and receive my undying love! <3.

Water Deferral System is currently in 3rd place... I really want to bump it up to 2nd or even 1st. That would be SO amazing.

Also, just so you guys know... Registering to vote puts you in a draw to win and iPod Nano.

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